The Children of Ukraine Benefit   |   7:30pm May 20, 2022

Benefit Concerts for the “Children of Ukraine”

Violinist, Vasyl Popadiuk will tour western Canada to supply relief for Ukrainian children

Vasyl Popadiuk announced he will be touring several western Canadian cities this spring to help raise funds in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Popadiuk is a classically trained violinist from Kyiv, Ukraine, now living in Ottawa, Ontario. Popadiuk is also a world-renowned musician, he will perform alongside his five-member band, Papa Duke during the benefit concerts. Popadiuk and the Papa Duke Band will play in Vancouver, B.C., Edmonton and Calgary, A.B., Regina and Saskatoon, S.K, and Winnipeg, M.B.

All proceeds raised from this concert series will be shared equally between the Regional Children’s Hospital in Luhansk, Ukraine and the Regional Orphanage in Sumy, Ukraine.

About Vasyl Popadiuk

Vasyl Popadiuk studied at the Lysenko Music and Drama School when he was a seven-year-old living in Kyiv, Ukraine. Popadiuk was considered a child prodigy and continued his education at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music. Popadiuk comes from a musical background, his father, Vasyl Popadiuk Sr., was a renowned composer and pan flute player who originally wanted his son to follow him as a flautist.